Pioneering Pandora

Conflict has taken over the resource-rich planet of Pandora. After a bitter nuclear war, the entire planetary system is struggling to survive. Fuel and ore are essential for survival - but scarce. The two alliances battle endlessly to control Pandora. Low on fuel and ore, you are forced to land on Pandora. The nuclear winter has made conventional warfare impossible. This is a battle of automated bases and unmanned turrets, and AI-controlled miner bots and fighter droids. You set up a base to begin your operations, bringing along the last few of your miner bots and fighter droids. However, the enemy's bases are never far away, and you must be prepared to battle to the last machine. You must rack your brains to find the best solution to defend your base and gather enough resources to survive. Make a plan, program your droids, and send them out with a definite aim: to ensure your victory, or die trying. Commander, it is now your responsibility to fight for the future of Pandora. May the Algorithm be with you!

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