In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

An war of stellar proportions sent the planet Pandora into a radioactive nuclear winter. The survival of your crew has now fallen into your hands as they face an adverse shortage of ore and fuel. Strategize the action plan for your miner bots and prepare your deadly fighter droids for a one-on-one battle with the enemy. Use the resources you have successfully mined to build turrets to defend your territory and replace your fallen droids with newly assembled ones. You must gather enough resources to crush your enemy and ensure the victory of your alliance.
The future of Pandora lies in your hands, Commander.

Details About the Game

The game is played on a map approximately of size 50 (horizontal) by 25 (vertical). Each tile may be occupied by a resource, vehicle, or a building (possibly under construction). Check the visual demos to get a better idea.

Resources and Deposits

There are two resources - ORE (green) and FUEL (yellow). ORE is more abundant, but less valuable. The player inventory is shared across all bases, but not to the vehicles. Constructing new buildings or vehicles costs resources.
Resources form deposits on the map, small clusters of tiles each containing a small amount of the resource. They can be mined by MINERs positioned next to them.


BASEs are your main buildings. They can house and build vehicles, and serve as drop-off points for the MINERs.


TURRETs are your defensive buildings. They attack any enemy vehicles within range, and have the strongest attack and longest range. Read about attacks for more info.


MINERs are your main vehicles. They can not only mine ORE and FUEL deposits, but also construct new buildings. They can also attack enemy vehicles at a short range. Read about attacks for more info.


FIGHTERs are your offensive vehicles. They can attack not only enemy vehicles, but also enemy BASEs and TURRETs. Read about attacks for more info.


TURRETs, MINERs, and FIGHTERs can all attack enemy vehicles, and FIGHTERs can additionally attack enemy buildings as well. At the end of each turn, all attacks take place simultaneously, followed by any resulting destruction of vehicles and/or buildings.
In case multiple enemies are in range of an attacker, the attack is evenly split among the enemies. Having a longer range and having greater numbers are critical for winning battles.

Construction of Buildings

Unlike vehicles (which are built at BASEs), construction of new buildings (BASESs and TURRETs) takes multiple steps. This is because MINERs need to deliver all the necessary materials to an empty spot on the map.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to have the most points at the end of the game. You get points for any resources, vehicles and buildings (only completed buildings) you have left at the end of the game. For vehicles and buildings, you receive fewer points than the value of resources you spent on them, and it is further weighted by the remaining health - a vehicle with half of max health is worth only half as much as a vehicle with full health.

The Dev-Kit

Download the dev-kit from the official repository. Please contact us if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.