Fight for Pandora!

The time has come to put your preparations to the test. As battle nears, you must make your final stand. Deploy your fighters, mine resources, expand your territory, and defend your crew with turrets. Improve your strategies as you learn more, but be quick, lest the enemy gains an unassailable lead. May the Algorithm be with you!

Pre-Pravega Challenge 2

Welcome to the second challenge of the Pre-Pravega event. This challenge will run till the end of August, with a small prize for the winner. Download the dev-kit, and get coding!
Read the wiki to get better acquainted with the dev-kit, and consider joining the discord to get more help, and perhaps even find a team.

Challenge Description

This time, your enemy won't just wait for you to claim all the resources; instead, it will do its best to mine the entire map and destroy you before you can destroy it. All participants are evaluated against this fixed agent, the first version of which is available in the dev-kit. The player with the highest weighted average score across multiple runs will win the prize.
Note that all agents will be evaluated after submissions close at 23:59:59, Wednesday, 31st August. The results should be available within 48 hours of the deadline.


The winner of the second challenge shall receive a reward of ₹2000, but don't fret if you miss out on the prize - the main event still remains, with more exciting cash prizes.

Pre-Pravega Challenge 1

The first challenge, which focused on mining, is now over. Congratulations to @Neelthegreat for winning the first challenge!

Before submitting

Make sure you have read and understood the game, and perhaps check the visual demos to get a better idea.
Download the dev-kit to build your agent, reading the wiki and checking the comments in to learn about the API.
After you are done building your new agent and testing it, create a new folder and place your file (which contains your implementation of a Player class) in it, along with any other files it needs (for example, in the dev-kit, you would need to copy along with You DO NOT need to copy the or other files provided. Finally, add a requirements.txt to the folder listing all external dependencies (check the pip docs on requirements files). Package this folder this into a single ZIP file, and then submit the ZIP file.

Submit your Agent

Note that you can only have a single submission at a time - new submissions overwrite previous ones. There is also a 100MB file limit on the ZIP file, if this is insufficient for you, please contact us. The leaderboard for the pre-pravega challenges shall be updated only after submissions close at the end of the week.

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